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The All American Cowgirl Chicks® are known all over the nation for their fast horses, daring tricks, patriotic representation, and for their own written Country Music performances. Trish lynn and the All American Cowgirl Chicks bring the power of expression to the Rodeo industry, with their cutting edge performances, their own music and daring stunts. These tough and beautiful cowgirls and their horses are what is best described as “a life well lived” in the RODEO WORLD.

The All American Cowgirl Chick Rodeo performance provides:

Pre-Show Entertainment: (8 minutes)
A cutting edge choregraphed dance routine while performing 2 of Trish lynn’s very own written Rodeo songs off her latest album “This Cowboy’s Mine.” Trish lynn and the Cowgirl Chicks will excite the crowd by throwing “free” memorabilia into the stands and set the pace to rock the house for your event.

Patriotic Opening with Pyro and American Flags w/ singing The National Anthem:
A beautiful patriotic tribute on horseback to honor our armed forces and patriotism for our country.  Highlighted by the flying of the American and military flags using pyro-techniques and cutting-edge horse maneuvers that leave your audience inspired and begging for more. The Cowgirl Chicks set the back drop for a prayer and Trish Lynn dismounts off her horse and belts out The National Anthem.

Equestrian Drill
5 – 6 minutes of wide opened, heart pounding, dangerous horse maneuvers with 16 cowgirls pushing the limits of their safety with the agility and raw power and speed of their horse. The Cowgirl Chicks ride out of the arena leaving your audience amazed and wanting more!

Trick and Fancy Riding
An Olympic level team of cowgirls performing daring and death defying stunts from the backs of a running horse. Under the leadership of legendary Trick Rider and Roper JW Stoker and coach and founder of the Chicks, Trish lynn… these girls provide daring stunts including the death drag, under the neck, back bend, hippodrome stand, spin the horn, split the neck vault, etc… at top notch speed.

Trick Riding and Roman Riding is a lost and dying art and the Cowgirl Chicks want to continue this sport and keep it well alive as it came from our Wild West heritage.

With lots of dedication, commitment, and hard long hours these Cowgirls represent “The Heart of A Champion” in the sport of rodeo across the country.




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