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The All American Cowgirl Chicks ®  Mission Statement
  • Promote the sport of rodeo in the highest type of conduct and sportsmanship and expose its positive image to the general public.
  • Preserve Western Heritage alive in America
  • Offer a privilege of family bonding
  • Offer an opportunity of continuing education
  • Maintain the highest regard for the livestock
  • To promote closer relationship among the people interested in this activity and the organization they represent.
  • This organization teaches young women many valuable lessons such as the value of hard work, character development, responsibility, respect, and pride in their achievements.
  • The All American Cowgirl Chicks Rodeo Entertainment and Trick Riding Team is the end result of years of hard work at the Cowgirl Chick Training Ranch in Weatherford, Texas.
  • Promotes and supports our American Flag and honors our military service men and women.
  • Promotes training at an Olympic level performance where outstanding performers have been produced.
  • Riding for a cure for cancer: Through our performances this team of outstanding performers have raised money and have helped given mental and physical strength to those battling the deadly disease called cancer. This team rides in loving memory or in honor to recognize the difficulties these individuals and their loved ones go through when battling this disease. When cancer hits home, it means there is a race to be run. But this race isn’t about winning. It’s about getting through the race together and it’s about helping your loves one to the finish line-whether that means a complete cure, ongoing treatments, remission, even death. When the race is over, the lessons you have learned about the care, patience, flexibility, and about hanging in there during tough times-these lessons will be as precious as gold. In fact, they will be your gold medals for having run the good race.

Main Goal and Achievement: To dedicate our time and efforts through our training and performances that they can beat this disease. Giving hope to others and providing positive leadership and guidance to those in need to better their life. Donating our horses, team, and support those in need. Outstanding qualities are gained through this program. Going through these experiences will stay with you for life and help you in lots of situations.





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