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Total Equine 30 Day Challenge

The All American Cowgirl Chicks are taking the Total Equine 30-Day Challenge. During this time, we will feed several of our horses Total Equine and track each horse's progress in appearance, energy level and performance.

"We are excited about taking part in this trial," said Cowgirl Chicks head coach Trish Lynn. "We have heard great things about the Total Equine products and feel that this trial will give us an opportunity to evaluate the product and its benefits."

About Total Equine
Total Equine™ was developed from science and experience. The nutrient levels are based on what has been learned by scientific research. The physical form of extrusion and the specific ingredients are what horses, mules and donkeys need to maximize health, attitude and performance.

The base of Total Equine™ is alfalfa hay, which gives it the odor and flavor equines love. The palatability is excellent. The fiber level is adequate to supply 70 – 80% of the equine’s needs of a complete ration. However, when fed at 4.00 lb. per 1,000 lb. bodyweight, Total Equine™ provides the nutrients for all ages and activity levels, when fed with adequate quality roughage.

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